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oDDel Hair extensions are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves with supplying luscious thick gorgeous healthy looking hair. The hair extensions oDDel provides comes from single donors and is all premium quality.

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  • Know your Hair

    double_drawnWhen it comes to hair extensions most women want pure raw virgin remy hair, buying virgin remy hair is a huge investment. But a lot of the hairs being sold by a lot of vendors are fake no-remy hair or hair that has been mixed with other fibres.

    • 1.) Virgin hair when wet always curls up a little. This can act as a check for virgin hair from fake hair. Even the straight virgin hair forms some waves when wet.
    • 2.) If you hair extensions excessively tangles no matter the length short or long, this is a sign your extensions are fake or mixed with other fibres. Don’t get me wrong even normal real hair growing out of your own scalp tangles. It’s quite normal to experience some tangling with virgin hair. Especially with longer lengths like 22inches – 30inches, with shorter lengths you shouldn’t have any tangling at all. What you don’t want is for your extensions to tangle so bad your hair ends up looking like a birds nest. This is a sure sign your not rocking pure Virgin remy hair.

    Dying  Your Extensions

    You should also be able to dye your hair extensions any colour with drug store hair dye kits.

    The quickest way to lighten hair extensions is with bleach. No-remy hair extensions do not take to bleach at all. Often the hair will turn a dull gray or dull green colour instead of going to a colour 30 or lighter. This is because the hair has already been dyed and processed and chemically treated, this makes the hair have a strong odour. No-remy fake hair extensions have also been coved in silicone to make the hair feel soft and to look shiny. After 2 weeks you will see the hair will be unmanageable, the hair will constantly tangle and become brittle and dry.

    When buying hair extensions don’t be afraid to ask the vendor questions, if you have found a company which interests you, ask for a sample of their hair. Most companies well supplier simples, Always check your hair extensions are healthy looking with no split ends.

    You should never comprise when buying hair extensions, remember your hair extensions will complement your overall look. There’s not point wearing killer heels and a stunning outfit if your hair extensions are looking thin and in bad condition.

    Good quality virgin hair extensions are not cheap and they shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg either. You can get good quality virgin hair 12” starting at £40 - £45 and 18” £50 - £55.

    It’s highly unlikely you will find good quality virgin hair extensions for under £40 for 12”. If you look on some of the auction sites you will see sellers selling virgin hair at extremely low prices.

    For example 18” virgin Brazilian hair is being sold on Ebay, Amazon and Gumtree for about £35. There’s no way you can get real virgin remy hair at those sorts of prices.  If you compare the prices of the fake hair extensions being sold on these auctions sites, there’s no difference in the hair being sold at your local beauty supplier shop. You can probably find Sensationnel Human Hair Premium Now at your local beauty supplier shop at the same price as hair claiming to be virgin remy hair on these auction sites.

    It is worth investing in good quality real virgin hair. If you have to replace your hair every 2 weeks or every month and you’re buying 3-4 bundles of cheap fake no- remy hair, this will cost you more money in the long run.

    Single drawn & Double drawn.
    Virgin hair comes in single & double drawn
    Let start with single drawn hair, single drawn is hair cut from a single donor in a pony tail. This hair will have a few short strands of hair running through it. In an 18” bundle you will tend to find 14”, 15” and 16” strands of hair and the ends will not be full.  While double drawn hair will be all the same length so you get a much full and thicker hair at the ends. Double drawn is more expensive than single drawn hair as the process to remove all short hairs is done by hand and is very time consuming.

    Real Virgin remy hair extensions will be soft with no split ends and healthy looking. Virgin hair when wet always curls up a little. This can act as a check for virgin hair from fake hair. Even the straight virgin hair forms some waves when wet.

    When you wash real virgin hair no dye should run out. Also check to make sure cuticles are still intact. Virgin hair will have no scent or bad odour; your hair extensions should have a natural smell to them. Good quality real remy hair will be bouncy and you should be able to run your fingers though your extensions effortlessness without clumps or strands of hair coming out. Its only fake hair extensions that don’t curl, straighten or hold a curl very well. This is down to the hair being processed and chemical treated. Real virgin hair can hold a curl for days and straightens easily.

    Ladies whatever hair you decide to rock make sure you look fabulous and turn heads!!!!

  • How to Care For Your Virgin Human Hair Weft Extensions

    One needs to take a very good care of his hair for a brilliant appearance and personality. Hair style forms the integral part of one's looks and adds a lot to the beauty quotient to one's body. So it is very important that every person takes a very good care and concentrates a lot of the health of one's hair. The most important part, where all the problems first occur are the virgin hair weft extensions, these tend to dislocate or weaken the most for people with long hair and hence they must consider the following tips to take good care of their extensions.

    The tips

    • Brushing

    This is one of the most important and initial steps one must take to have a good control of their weft extensions. Before going to bed, or before taking a wash one must make sure that they remove all the tangles in the hair by brushing their hair properly. This helps a lot to smoothen the extensions. At the same time one must not brush when their hair is wet, since it has more probabilities to fall off.

    • Selecting the right shampoo:

    Always go for natural and shampoos without any sulphate content. Sulphates tend to gradually weaken the hair follicles and thereby eventually drying them very quickly. Hence shampoos without any sulphate content are much more reliable and do not dry your hair strands as much as the latter ones do.

    Washing with warm water makes a lot of difference; it gives good feels to your hair and also is much more a healthy process than the cold water one. Wash downwards and do not be harsh or hold a group of strands together, which might group up the cuticles which leads to a major hair fall.

    Just to moisten things up, add a little bit of good coconut oil to your hair when it is wet. This will bring the silky effect to your hair and make it look good. Natural oils are the best substitute for conditioners, because they almost do the same job without any side effects later in the future.

    Almond oil is the most used for this purpose since it deals with the cuticles in the softest way possible. One must moisten his hair extensions as much as they moisten their dry skin.

    Hence it is very important for everyone to take good care of their premium quality wigs.

  • Fashion Wigs for Women According To Their Face Cut

    Being on trend and a way stylish is a born trait found in almost all the women. Women always tend to find ways to differ themselves from the crowd. Being fashionable is one of the best ways to attain it. A perfect dress, a perfect makeup, hairstyle and right pair of heels can set any women look stunning. A perfect hairstyle does the most wonders. But the problem arises when your hair can’t be accentuated up to your satisfying standards due to reasons like less volume or bad quality hair. There is definitely a solution for it. Fashionable women wigs are amazing to provide you a different look in seconds. Let’s see which fashion wig for modern women in UK will suit you!


    • Oval face

    An oval face accompanied with a perfect wig can make a woman look prettier. This oval face is characterized by proportional chin, jaw, cheekbones and forehead. Almost every type of wig style appears to be pretty on such a face. A straight laced wig on such facial feature would provide you the perfect look.


    • Square face

    A square face is characterized with cheekbones, wide chin and forehead. Women with square face have a square hairline. A wig of mid length will look good and enhance the prominent angles of a square face. The wig changes the face chisel by making it look elongated. You can also choose curly mid length wigs to enhance your facial features.


    • Round face

    A round face typically involves chubby cheeks and circular contours. Most of the face is governed by the cheek bones. Thus, these cheekbones make you look bulky and cute. Preferring short layered wigs on such face types is a good choice.


    • Oblong face

    It is the most different from all other face cuts. In this type, the face cut gets narrow from forehead to jaw line. These women mostly have a thin and long neck. Wigs which have huge volumes of hair go best with such face types. A little more volume of hair at sides enables the face not to look too long. Also, lace wigs can also be a good option to look stunning and beautiful with oblong face cuts.


    Know your face cut and decide the wig accordingly to bring out the best of you. There are various ladies wigs for sale available online and in your local beauty supplier store. if you want to be more daring or bold one can also choose different hair colour wigs. Ombre wigs are a great way to archive a bold statement, and are very popular. As you can still have a hit of natural colour at the roots and lighter colour at the bottom of the hair.

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